Growing up as a kid, the only things I cared about was watching cartoons, horror movies, and skateboarding. My parents drove us all over Brazil in their car, so to keep the noise down and stop me from bugging my little sister they stuck a pad and some coloring pens in my hands and voilà!

All that time I spent watching cartoons and horror movies on the television was finally going to pay off as something I could share with someone, my notepad... Today I am still drawing; it’s both my love and my labor... In the wider scope of things, nothing has changed much.






Professional Experience / Scope Studio — Senior Graphic Designer from September 2008 to present. Concept and layout of printed and web-based products such as guidelines, infographics, branding, brochures, posters, websites, animations and more. Working in direct contact with the client, helping to brief the team. Coordination and supervision of designers.

Clients include / European Institutions and Agencies — Commission, Parliament, European Central Bank, European Environment Agency, European Medicines Agency, Food & Veterinary Agency, European Office of Publication, Euratom, Eurostat, Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN), Innovative Medicines Initiative.

The Smurfs / Graphic Designer and Colorist, from 2007 to 2008 — Packaging, Collectible Figures and branding.

Freelance Projects for Levis, Recyclart, 19.91, V. Delbrouck, V. Beeckman, Byrrrh, Bozar, Lampiris, Groupe One, Ibge, Brxl Bravo, Tanneurs Theater, Fresh Kicks, Elzenhof, Graton Ed., Imps Ed., Smurfs, Editora Abril, Zabor, Wood Mag., Tor Press, Laurence King, Pie Books Co., Tri Postal, Traffic Art Gallery, Brass, Design Center, Z33, Wak... 


Graduated with Distinction in fine arts with a specialisation in Illustration at the St Luc Institute Brussels — Adobe specialization, Typography, Comic Book coloring specialization at Cepegra Technofutur and Graton Editions.

Languages / Bilingual Portuguese — French, English, basic Dutch.

Spotlights / Zine C by Tor Press (Uk). Smart Designs — Business Cards, PieBooks Co. (Jp), Business Cards #3 Designs on Saying Hello — Laurence King (Uk). Revista Simples #43, Editora Abril (Br).

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